Can you believe that the school season is already starting in some areas? This summer has absolutely FLOWN by, here in Louisville — and we’re eagerly eyeing the resolution of the upcoming elections, and Congressional action on a whole slew of tax-related items.

Because if they don’t do something about the tax rates, we’re all staring at a huge rate increase, and a variety of tax credits going bye-bye on January 1, 2013.
On top of this, with the economy still sputtering, continued chaos in the Middle East … well, it can be a little hairy out there.

Which is why it’s so important for you to maintain your peace in the midst of it all.

Look — it’s no mystery, probably, why I choose to write so often about maintaining the proper perspective. We see clients in here regularly (yes, even outside of “tax season”–more about that in a moment), and you probably wouldn’t believe how often we have the same kinds of conversations. Finances touch a deep place of security (and fear) for so many, NO MATTER how much is in the bank accounts.

From the very well-off, to those deep in debt … everyone can pick and choose their poison these days, when it comes to fear.

I often play the role of counselor, in addition to helping folks navigate their way through this stuff. Because families and business owners make rash decisions in times of perceived crisis–and they often have unforeseen tax and wealth complications from those decisions down the road.

Which is why it’s critical that we take a look at how things are set up for you and your family for the rest of 2012. Midyear is the perfect time to take a clear-eyed look at things, and plan for the best outcome for your family or business.

And so we’re going to make it easy for you. We’ll encourage you, give you good options…and point you into the best direction for your long-term wealth preservation and growth.

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I’m personally dedicated to the success of your family–and to your finances! Can other tax professionals say that?