This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind… let it be something good.

There is (still) a great deal of fear and panic in today’s marketplace, wouldn’t you agree?

As a tax professional, you know that I sit down with families and business owners on a regular basis–to discuss the *best* ways to set their accounts up in order to minimize their tax burden.

But in the last year or two, we also find ourselves having the same kinds of conversations with clients–regularly. People are scared, stressed and more and more worried about what the future holds. And, by the way, this runs the gamut from those whose liquid assets are significant, to those living month-to-month.

The emotion is the same.

Well, the good news is that YOU have someone who sincerely wants to walk with you through this. We’re not monetarily invested in pointing you to particular strategies…instead, we can be your “port in the storm”.

If you let us.

Give us a call this week and let’s talk about the best way to structure your finances to minimize your burdens–both financially, AND emotionally. It’s one of our most favorite aspects of our firm–giving real hope to families in the midst of turmoil.

And it really is confusing out there–so many shysters who promise the moon. And one of the most popular investment ports in the storm is GOLD.

Now, I won’t be getting into macro-economic prognostication here (too many experts disagree about what’s going to happen to the value of gold), I simply want to make sure you know about two methods for “investing” in gold, and their problems.

If we can save you from some mistakes, it’s a great week in our book.

“Real World” Personal Strategy

Two Problematic Gold Options

There is a lot of clamor in the mainstream media these days about gold, much of it because of how certain talk show hosts are advising their listeners to invest in it because of the economic chaos.

Politicians want to make “hay” out of the apparent conflicts of interest, and companies want to make big profits from the fear running rampant in the marketplace.

The first, very common option is through a well-advertised company called Goldline. Certain politicians are slamming this company, saying it’s a scam. However, I WILL say this: this company is not a scam, it is not a fraud–no prosecutions have been filed, and they don’t seem to be coming.

It is, however, over-priced. By the company’s own admission, I might add.

Here’s a 10-minute video by Peter Schiff who breaks down the case pretty well.

Bottom line, this company is selling a product and doing so very well because they’re ALL over the place. They recognize that people are panicking and they are putting out a product that people think they need. They’re advertising on programs, and using pitchmen and women, that bombard their viewers with doom and gloom (perhaps rightly so). They’re basing their prices on the “numismatic” (collector) value of the coins they sell, but these values are very subjective…and difficult to quantify.

So here’s my advice: tread carefully, and if you DO invest in gold, find a way to do it which doesn’t carry an up-charge.

The second way that people are using gold, is by selling it off–and there are numerous companies all-too-happy to take it off your hands…for not very much money.

Yes, you can get “cash for gold”, but be careful of the companies who spend a lot of money advertising on mass media sites, etc. The REASON they have so much money to advertise their services is that they are making serious profits from under-paying their “customers” and selling the gold themselves much higher. Buy low, sell high–right?

Look…if you’re seriously strapped enough that you’re considering this route, give me a call. There are better options available to you, and I’d like to help you out.

With that, I’ll leave you until next week.

I’m personally dedicated to the success of your family–and to your finances! Can other tax professionals say that?