We’re rounding third base, and headed towards the “home plate” of April 17th, and the resultant END of “tax season”. This has already been one of our best tax seasons yet  — not just because we’ve seen so many new Louisville tax preparation clients added to the “Roberts office family”, but because of the stories we’ve been privileged to share.

Stories of new financial freedom and recovering from losses … new family members (both biological and adopted) … new careers and the sunsets of “old” ones.

Our clients never let us forget that what we do is never only about “which forms to fill out”, or even how much money we can save you.
No, it’s always been about the stories, and it’s always worth it.

So, if you haven’t had a chance yet: would you send us YOUR “tax season story”? We’d love to hear how things went with us, but even more … we’d *really* like to know what’s underneath those tax forms we fill out for you! It truly helps us keep our vision straight through the entire year…

And one more thing we’d like to ask:

Many of our clients are active on Facebook or Twitter. If you’re willing, would you make a post about us? Here’s something you can write:

Are you procrastinating on your taxes? Well, Kevin Roberts wants to help! I had my taxes prepared there, and just found out that their office is making special efforts to help procrastinators this year! Give them a call: (502) 426-0000 … you won’t regret it!

Or some such. We want your “procrastinating” friends to know that they don’t have to rush out and download unreliable software, or rush to some “big box” preparer. (Especially in light of stories like the one I just saw this morning: http://www.accountingtoday.com/news/HR-Block-Manager-Arrested-Identity-Theft-Tax-Clients-62102-1.html Yikes!)

Well, I also wanted to address both current and future clients with this little Note today…
Your Best Louisville Tax Professional Says: ‘It’s A Report — Not a Strategy!’
It’s true — there are certain people for whom this Note doesn’t apply. There are those who are perfectly fine paying the amount of tax they pay every year, thank you very much.

However, since YOU have chosen to invest yourself in our services (or at one point considered it), you are probably in the second group of Louisville taxpayers: those who would love to pay less in taxes, THIS year.

There are two main things which you need to understand:

Immutable Fact #1: Our tax system is not fair.
Yes indeed — the Mitt Romneys, Warren Buffetts, Barack Obamas, Rick Santorums etc etc operate under a vastly different system than most “regular” taxpayers. This is NOT because they are politically-connected (though they are), and the sooner you quit complaining about those who *seem* to be connected … and make the decision to JOIN their ranks, the sooner you will pay less in taxes.

Because all of those men, and other people like them, understand the second fact…

Immutable Fact #2: A tax return is a report, NOT a strategy.
Yes, we’re pretty good at coming behind with our magic brushes and cleaning up the mess made by many of our clients in their finances and taxes. But there is a much better way to fly.

It’s called tax planning, and it’s essentially comprised of three parts:

1) Strategic review:
Assess the current situation, and identify short-, mid-, and long-term strategies to lessen your taxes, and grow your income.
2) Implementation: This can be a little tricky (especially if you do it yourself), because there are bound to be accounting and local regulatory questions which arise. We recommend that you stay with your same team who developed the tax strategy so they make sure you’re doing what you need to do.
3) Proper compliance: There are plenty of folks out there who will give you “the secrets to paying less taxes!!!” — but are they willing to put their name on a dotted line and defend it? If not, RUN from these people. They are true blowhards. Or worse, they know that their advice will lead to a fraudulent return.

But the main thing to understand is that in order to REALLY get your tax situation improved, you MUST plan ahead.

Otherwise, you’re just cleaning up a mess when filing your tax return.

I hope I didn’t ruffle too many feathers … but if so, understand that most of all, we are here to walk with you no matter WHAT kind of planning you do (or don’t do)!

Give us a call today: (502) 426-0000, or drop us an email. We’re here for you!