This week is an opportunity.

To comfort ourselves away from the noise of our clamoring-for-attention society with good food and (mostly?) good company … for sure.

But also, to pause. There’s not many opportunities for that as a Louisville business owner (without falling behind on the 983 conversations you’re part of on a daily basis). Between the inflation crisis, rumors of supply chain woes, the upcoming holiday season, the stress that Q4 often brings with it… let’s just say, owning a business involves a lot of moving parts and a wide range of emotions connected to this time of year.

But it’s expected that you should pause this week, so let’s not miss it.

In fact, maybe we can actually savor this momentary respite from the craziness by remembering to be thankful for REAL things in our lives — things (or people) that we can actually name… not just some abstract idea of “being thankful” that doesn’t hold any meaning in our daily lives.

No matter what you or your family (or your business) may be facing this year, no matter if the news portrays the world as spinning out of control… we can control our mindsets and choose to live out of a place of gratitude. 

It sounds cliche, but it really does wonders for our hearts and minds.

So as we prepare to rest this week over here at Smart Money CPA LLC, I’ve been thinking about those concrete, real things in my life that I have gratitude for. First among them are the amazing clients I get to work with. Somewhere along the journey, you chose to trust us with your business. 

That is no small choice, and we don’t take it lightly. 

Owning a business comes with so many risks — I still remember the exhilarating-but-nerve-wracking experience of going out “on my own.” I’m grateful for the friends and other business owners who helped me along the way. No one wants to go at it alone — especially when dealing with the murky waters of the IRS and the economy. 

That’s why I’m here. In the midst of the crazy, I get to be (I hope) a steady, reliable source for you. 

And that’s why I’m proud of what we’ve been able to create around here at Smart Money CPA LLC. I was once the ambitious business owner hoping to pursue my dream. Now, I get to be the one helping people like you pursue YOUR dreams.

So before I gather with friends and family this week, I wanted to take a moment — as a business owner… and hopefully, as your friend — to say THANK YOU for trusting us with your business and the honor of serving you year after year. It’s a joy.

What are some of those tangible things (or people) in your life that you find yourself grateful for? 

Feel free to reach out and let me know your thoughts. Let’s encourage each other this week, as we take some time to slow down and reflect. 


Kevin Roberts