Our clients here in Louisville are afflicted with “March Madness”, along with the rest of the country, it seems.

Unfortunately, this little national hoops holiday isn’t one which my Louisville tax preparation staff and I get much chance to participate in. We’re too busy doing your taxes!

Yep, this is close to our busiest time of the year, and we’re working like mad to handle the increased volume this year. Because with all of the economic uncertainty out there, it’s clear that people both inside and outside of the Louisville area want real answers from someone who knows them — and cares..

But let me say this: though my business does well this time of year, I’d rather things were better and our tax code was simpler! I’d rather the economy was thriving and everyone felt confident enough to handle their own situation.

The sheer complexity of the tax code keeps me in business — to take the hassle from you and other Louisville taxpayers, and apply our expertise to your situation. But wouldn’t it be more efficient if paying taxes didn’t actually require so much expertise?

I know … a bit of a controversial statement from an accountant. But I get tired of seeing new clients bring last year’s tax returns to us–and realize that if we’d helped them sooner, they would have saved a bunch of money (fortunately, we *can* file amended returns!). If things were simpler, people would keep more of their money — and THAT’S one of my passions.

Now, I have a thought or two about your refund (if you’re receiving one), and other such close-to-the-wallet thoughts. I’d love to hear your opinion…

A Louisville Tax Professional Suggests Giving Your Refund Away?
We have many clients who are receiving refunds this month, and that number of course will only be rising. So, here’s a thought for you: What would it look like for you to give your refund away?

Yes, this is a radical idea to think about, but consider: what does this refund represent to you?

If you’re like many families, it’s a bit like “found money” — i.e., an unexpected windfall. And, in those scenarios, it’s tempting to hoard, or to splurge.

However, as with other windfall scenarios which I’ve written about in the past, one of the smartest things you can do is to give a portion (at least) of it away.

Why do I suggest this?

Well, I believe it’s actually “enlightened” self-interest in the long run. And not just in our sense of feeling good.

I see the balance sheets of folks from every walk of life, and over the years I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: individuals and families who make giving a priority, even when they aren’t “wealthy”, seem to do better in the long run. And I mean financially–not just in their state of mind.

(Though, there are significant “state of mind” reasons for giving. Have you seen, as I have, that those who freely give seem to be more pleasant company?)

Before you write this off as being “ask the universe” mushiness, understand that A) I don’t subscribe to that baloney and B) I am merely reporting an observed phenomenon. Do with it what you will.

You see, I make it a point to seek to observe how money works. And, for some reason — money gets attracted to those who aren’t only in hot, desperate pursuit of it. It’s almost like in romance — potential lovers are usually turned off by the overly-aggressive seeker.

Consider this. I know it might feel painful. But trust me when I tell you that it can actually provide you with a deeper feeling of joy than if you choose to cling tightly to everything which comes your way.

I hope I didn’t ruffle too many feathers … but if so, understand that most of all, we are here to walk with you no matter WHAT your balance sheets look like!