War drums beating in Iran.

Impeachment (?) proceedings. Democratic primaries.

Weird economic signals.

There is literally SO MUCH that can rob you of your greatest asset as we move forward into 2020.

And in case it wasn’t obvious, I’m talking about your focus.

As a local Louisville business owner, you’ve gotta play a bigger game this year, and be more ruthless than ever before, if you want to grow. But I’m not talking about ruthlessness in terms of those around you, your competition, etc.

I’m talking about YOU.

Last week I shared some of my goals with you for this upcoming year. They were about leading my team well, eating better, setting standards. But nothing will come of them if I don’t also heed my own warnings here. Which I fully plan on doing.

Here’s what I mean.

Protecting Your Focus At All Costs by Kevin Roberts

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” -Alan Kay

I do taxes and help with business finances for a living. I’m not (necessarily) an expert in matters of mental optimization.

However, I do see what happens to my clients who get wrapped up in the media cycle of fear and negativity, and … well, what often happens to their businesses as a result.

Frankly, I’m tired of seeing clients and friends who are beaten down by all the fear and stress.

Because there is one major source of it — which is entirely optional.

I believe that the preeminent danger for ALL of us moving into 2020 is allowing today’s world to starve your brain with junk food and deaden your spirit with the overwhelming feeling that you are small, insignificant … that you have no control over outside events.

I’ve learned to avoid the 24-7 news channels, mindless scrolling of certain social media feeds, and the sites online that traffic in fear. I figure that I’ll see what I need to when seeking out resources for our clients about current events.

But let’s look, for example, at CNN.

CNN is about as bland as you can get — it’s “normal” to “normal” people. But remember: most “normal” people accomplish relatively little in their time on this planet (at least on the outside). Those of us who are going somewhere in life must have better things to do than listen to talking heads opine about political gamesmanship and the dozens of tragedies that we can’t (and won’t) be able to do anything about.

Right now, the world is swimming in negativity. And you need to be serious and proactive about it. Because — if you don’t — it’ll kill your business, kill your sales growth, kill your dreams, and everything you really care about.

The news feed is NOT your friend.

It (literally) “feeds” — see what I did there — on fear, paranoia, division and hyperbole. It’s what powers the algorithm.

And not only must you protect yourself from this drip, drip, drip of depression, you need to fight it on behalf of your family and friends, your staff and your customers.

Tell them what’s good. Greet them with a smile and with encouragement. Tell them what they’re doing right. Give them a voice to the hope still latent within their bones — which is too often buried in a junkpile of media-fueled negativity.

You (and they) need to celebrate little tiny victories. Every. Day.

This is an essential skill for a business owner, for a careerist, for a parent at home — and for all of us: when you have a major victory in your life, you need to find encouraging people who will celebrate it with you.

Because good news is good news indeed.

I’m grateful for our chance to serve you and your Louisville business — and we are dedicated to its success, in every measure.

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