Wow, are we here at Team Roberts ever tired! Thanks to you, our Louisville tax preparation business has been hopping this year. Because of the delays in the IRS system this year, we have many clients going on extension (about which I wrote last week), and we will continue to work with them … after we take a short break around here for some needed rest!

And speaking of the IRS, perhaps I should also thank the federal government for creating a tax system so complex and counterintuitive that it has provided myself and those who work for me with gainful employment.

Leaving my own personal Roberts circumstances aside though, I’d be thrilled if our tax system was much simpler.

But it isn’t simple, and it is far better to live in the reality of what *is* (and work to make positive change), than to simply moan about a problem that is larger than what any one person can change.

Preparing tax returns is like that — it is dealing with what *is* — not with what “could be”. Which is why tax PLANNING will be the subject of a few of my Notes in the future.

And one last thing: If you have filed your taxes with us, and you had a good experience, would you…

A) Email me a note and tell me about it?

B) Share us on YOUR Facebook wall…?

Here’s something you can say:
“I had my taxes prepared by Kevin Roberts’s team, and had a great experience. They’re willing to review your return to make sure that everything was done right for you… Give them a call at: (502) 426-0000 and let them know I told you to call.”
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Lastly, I hope you’ll forgive me for taking a break from writing you a Personal Strategy Note for this week … I’m not sure that if I did so, anything besides numbers and spreadsheets would come out. It’s amazing what 4 months of staring at government forms does to a brain!

But hey — this is what we signed up for. And we are extremely grateful for your trust and for the chance you’ve given us to serve you and so many other taxpayers in the Louisville area in it, so you don’t have to suffer the same fate.

We will be in touch again soon. As long as this caffeine hangover ever releases me from its grip.


Kevin Roberts
(502) 426-0000