"Wealthy people get wealthy by not losing money."
-Warren Buffett

Truly, have you ever considered how history shifts on small decisions?

What we celebrate on the 4th was the bravery of men who said [John Newcomb paraphrase] : "If you’re going to tax me, I need a representative. And, since you won’t give me THAT … well, we’re free anyway. Government doesn’t give us our rights; our Creator does. So, we declare that we are, in fact, independent."

Imagine if, before this point, the King of England had said: "Alright, I’ll allow a representative from each colony a seat in the Parliament." I mean really — it’s not like we wouldn’t have been taxed up the wazoo with representation … the votes would have been something like 250-13 to tax the colonies to high hell!

But at least there would have been representation! [Historians point out that Washington, Adams, Franklin and others, at first, wanted only the same rights as other British subjects. Only until the British remained stubborn did they opt for full independence.]

Instead, the British lack of imagination helped birth the greatest experiment in freedom the world has seen over the last two+ centuries (IMHO).

Now to you… it may just be that you need to have your own little declaration of independence. Here’s what I mean…

Kevin Roberts’s
"Real World" Personal Strategy

True Freedom … From The IRS

Well, the dream of freedom, birthed on the 4th , does still live. But let’s face it–our government (especially the IRS) is poised to become a deeper, larger influence in our lives.
And it’s ironic, this month of Independence, to see how much power the IRS now has as probably one of the most powerful organizations in the USA. Solely responsible for collecting
Federal taxes and imposing related penalties, the IRS poses one of the biggest financial threats to individuals and business owners.
They have unique information resources, legal standing, and roles as a law enforcement agency.  On top of all this, the IRS has the authority to issue legislation and the freedom to make mistakes without consequences (they’re protected from penalties for false tax accusations)!
So what can we do to protect ourselves from the IRS’ power and potential for financial wrath???  … Well, if there were a concrete answer for that, the IRS wouldn’t be the intimidating and widely-feared agency it is today.  But there is one thing each of us can do  to keep them off our back: Keep Records! (I know, a bit lame … but it’s true!)
Our best defense against audits and false accusations is keeping accurate, detailed records of the flow of all money into and out of our lives. 

Now, depending on your situation, this can be complicated and time-consuming!  Where do you begin?
A great place to start is by calling our office; we can help you determine where to focus your record-keeping efforts, and help you develop a strong wall of defense around the "castle" of your finances.  Generally, the better and more accurate your records, the better your chances are for surviving an All-Out IRS Battle!  

Give us a call today!

To You and Your Family’s Peace of Mind!