Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies

The way you think about investing should be shaped with tax efficiency, length, and risk assessment in mind.

You invest to see growth in your wealth – to acquire assets that will maintain their lucrative output for years to come (or that you can hold onto for shorter periods of time). But investments can be risky. If you’re investing to take advantage of fluctuations in the market – it can keep you up at night.

And just as important as your goals and type of investment is keeping your tax liability in view as you take those investing risks.

With investing, you want to…

    Make achievable goals – How much do you want to have for the future?

    Consider timing – Is retirement close or a long way off?

    Decide risk level – What are you willing to put your money into?

    Determine a spending cap – How far are you willing to go with what you have preserved?

    The strategy you employ will be based on your short and long-term goals, your risk comfortability, and what stage of life you’re in. Investing requires the right investing strategy (or combination of strategies) with those things in mind.


      Buy and hold investing. A lower risk, investment focused on longevity.


      Active investing. Trading regularly and keeping an eye on the market for opportunities.


      Index investing. Passive investing that delivers better overall returns over time.


      Growth investing. High dollar investment in companies with growth potential that can have big payoffs down the line.


      Value investing. Bargain shopping for investments – higher risk but potential high yield.


      Income investing. Used to cover living expenses (especially for retirees).


      Socially responsible investing. Investing with moral concerns in mind.

      Some of the strategic elements we employ include:

        Portfolio diversification

        Putting tax-efficient investments in taxable accounts

        Holding less tax-efficient investments in tax-advantaged accounts

        Matching investments with the right account type

        Holding investments longer to avoid unnecessary capital gains

        Capitalizing on tax loss harvesting opportunities

        Determining the best location for your assets

        Developing withdrawal strategies that limit potential penalties

        Whether you put your money in a Roth IRA or standard 401k, a treasury bond or stock fund, we’ll help you get in the right frame of mind – one that sees the methods for minimizing taxes and gives your accounts the best opportunity to grow over time.

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